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The Smart Glass Company warrants that Smart Glass and Self Adhesive Film products should be free from defects, assuming normal use and correct installation for a period of 2 years from the date of invoice unless otherwise stated.


Defects include loss of switching where the electrical system and supply has been correctly installed and functioning correctly and / or delamination of the panel which is a result of a manufacturing fault.


In the event of a breach of warranty The Smart Glass Company’s sole obligation and the Customer’s sole remedy is the repair or replacement of the defective product. The Reseller or Customer should promptly notify The Smart Glass Company of any defect in products and upon obtaining a return authorisation note should ship the goods to the address provided on the return authorisation note for analysis unless otherwise agreed.


The Smart Glass Company will bear the expense to repair or replace the products supplied but will not accept any costs incurred by others which are associated with transportation, gaining access, removal, replacement, installation or consequential loss claims of any kind.


To ensure the safe and proper operation of Smart  Glass and Film it must be installed by a qualified electrician and should be delivered, handled, installed, protected, cleaned and used in compliance with all local legislation, regulations and codes of practice and in accordance with the requirements set out in the  Smart Glass Technical Guide.


The Smart Glass Company is not responsible for the replacement or repair of products which are damaged as a result of external events such as, but not limited to: natural disasters, improper use, and incorrect installation, use of incorrect silicones or unauthorised parts.


Haze:  Smart Glass products are not as optically clear as standard float glass. Some degree of haze will always appear due to the nature of the product. All PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) smart glass and film has some degree of haze and this is not a reason in itself for rejection or a refund.


Glass Quality: Glass used in the makeup of Smart Glass panels conforms to the Visual Quality Standard as described by the UK Glass and Glazing Federation.


Film Quality: It must be noted that manufacturing process of the smart film means that the PET (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate) surfaces can be exposed to very minor surface scratching which is not covered by the warranty. There may also be very slight variations in the thickness of the liquid crystal over the surface area during the coating process; this is not classed as a fault and falls within the scope of our manufacturing tolerances.





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