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Can Smart Glass technology be retro fitted to my existing windows?
Smart Glass can be manufactured into either a replacement double glazed sealed unit which will fit into most window systems or as a laminated single pane of glass to fit into a partition system.

Can I adjust the level of opacity in Smart Glass and is it completely clear?
Smart Glass works on either an AC or DC current. In the off position the glass is an opaque white, this is the privacy position and is unpowered. When the power is supplied it instantly turns clear. It is designed to be either “on” or “off” at the flip of a switch. In the on position (clear) the glass has a haze of approximately 7%. This is due to scattered light reflection.

Can I get Smart Glass in different colours?
A variety of colours can be incorporated into the Smart Glass process. This is achieved by using a coloured film within the lamination process of the glass. Once a colour has been applied in the lamination process it will be present forever.

In what thickness is Smart Glass available?
Smart Glass can be manufactured to any specification from 8mm upwards and into double glazed sealed unit from 18mm upwards.


What applications can I use Smart Glass?
Smart Glass can be used in the following areas, as a privacy security glass, in glass wall or partitions, in a door vision panel, and many other areas.


How do I clean Smart Glass?
Firstly make sure the power to the glass is in the off position. Smart Glass should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Any preparatory non abrasive cleaner can be used, or you can just use soapy water. Do not use excess water and clean all edges of the glass to remove any excess fluid.  Do not use any harsh chemicals or use any sharp instruments. It is almost impossible to damage the Smart Glass film as it is laminated between two sheets of glass, but you do not want to leave any excess water near a possible live current.




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