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Once the glass is installed, the glazing contractor should make provisions to ensure that glass surfaces are protected from possible damage caused by the construction practices of other trades.


Special care must be taken during the initial cleaning, cleaning during the construction period, or when glass surfaces are severely soiled in order to prevent glass damage caused by abrasive contaminates.


In the event that the glass surfaces become heavily contaminated with abrasive particles it must first be flushed with clean water to remove as many contaminates as possible.


Great care MUST be taken to ensure that the electrical connections to the glass do not become wet during this procedure.


With the glass surfaces still heavily wetted, carefully work a squeegee from top to bottom removing excess water.


Caution must be taken to ensure that any remaining abrasive materials do not become trapped between the glass surface and the squeegee; otherwise the glass surfaces may become scratched.


The glass should then be cleaned with a clean, soft, grit free cloth and a mild, non-abrasive, non-alkaline cleaning solution and rinsed immediately with clean water. Excess water should be removed from glass surfaces with a squeegee.


For routine cleaning, use a conventional window washing solution or mild soap and water. Uniformly spray the cleaning solution or apply it with a clean, soft, grit free applicator and rinse thoroughly. The glass surface should then be either wiped dry with a clean, grit free cloth or squeezed dry.


Do not allow any metal or hard parts of the cleaning equipment to have direct contact the glass surfaces.


Exposed Smart Glass surfaces should be cleaned initially with either a low pressure compressed air or electrical blower to remove any abrasive contaminants.


Only once this has been carried out should the film surface be cleaned with Soft IPA wipes and/or a PH neutral, non-abrasive liquid glass cleaning product applied sparingly with lint free, clean, soft cloth.


Do not allow any metal or hard parts of the cleaning equipment to contact the plastic surfaces.


Please note that the plastic surface of the film can be marked or scratched if the care and cleaning instructions are not followed.


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